Market Making As A Service

Technology service for token issuers & market makers


What is Market Making as a service?

Market Making as a Service (MMaaS) is a technology service that enables token issuers to set their strategies in market making, allowing them to trade and manage their own liquidity. It is also service for other market makers to grow their reach by accessing more markets through third party platform. Traditional market makers provide liquidity with a mix of tokens loaned from the projects' and their own funds to create trading pairs. They do market making on their own terms and retain the profits from these activities. With MMaaS, token projects use their own tokens and funds to provide liquidity with the MMaaS technology. Projects get control of the strategies and the potential rewards from the market-making activity in exchange for a retainer to use the technology.

Market Making As A Service on Crypto with BitSpreader


BitSpreader as Cryptocurrency Market Making Platform

  • Define levels & spreads
  • Hedge on other exchanges
  • Live view of orders and outstanding liquidity
  • Automated exposure closing
  • Use of custom indicators & strategies
  • Get detailed insight on your current position and exposure
  • Detailed reporting
  • Use shared or custom, individually tailored infrastructure
Custom Features

Work with our development team to get tailored solutions

  • Custom exchange integrations
  • Custom market making strategies
  • Custom indicators
  • Custom reporting
  • Custom, individually tailored infrastructure
BitSpreader diagram

Cloud based solution // for best performance

BitSpreader is cloud based solution, user access trading terminal with their browser, no software installation is required.

Users provide their exchange API keys to BitSpreader. BitSpreader uses API keys to execute orders on the exchanges on behalf of the users.

BitSpreader software is available as a subscription-based service.

Co-Location for
Lightning-Fast Execution Times!

BitSpreader now offers geographical co-location of servers, providing traders with the fastest possible execution times. By strategically placing servers across the world in the United States, Europe, and Japan, users can now choose the location that guarantees the best execution times for their trades. This new feature is designed with the needs of serious traders in mind, ensuring minimal risk of slippage and maximum profits. With BitSpreader's geographical co-location, you can take your trading to the next level and trade with confidence.